Global hardcopy peripheral market grows

The global hardcopy peripherals market returned to pre-crisis shipment levels with nearly 31 million units shipped in Q3, IDC said.

Its Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, also found that this is the second consecutive quarter of double-digit year-over-year growth in both units shipped and shipment value.

In Q3 of this year, total market shipments improved by 13 percent compared to this time last year while shipment value increased 17 percent to $14.3 billion.

The analyst company said that the growth was “positive” and showed that the market was picking itself up from the decline seen in 2008 and 2009. It put this down to the fact that “consumer confidence” in this market had returned and that businesses were looking once again to invest in their printing and imaging sectors.

The third quarter experienced a higher year-over-year growth for monochrome laser multifunction printers (MFPs) over colour laser MFPs. MFPs took a share of 38 percent compared to the 21 percent share of colour MFPs.

But it seems as though laser MFPs were trumping their colour rivals long before this as IDC said this was the second consecutive quarter where monochrome laser printers outperformed colour laser MFPs by more than 5 percent.

Leading the way was HP, which has dusted itself off from the laser shortage issue and ramped up shipments to more than 3.5 million laser units, resulting in double-digit year-over-year growth across all regions.

Overall inkjet devices continued to lead in the overall hardcopy peripherals market with close to 20 million units shipped. IDC said this showed a 6 percent year-over-year growth.

However, other industries are also growing. The laser market grew 32 percent year-over-year to more than 9.5 million units in the third quarter with HP and Samsung remaining the top two vendors in this space, with a combined share of more than 50 percent.

 Monochrome lasers increased 35 percent year-over-year to more than 8 million units in Q3, resulting in an 84 percent share of the total laser space, while colour laser finished the quarter with a 16 percent market share.

When it came to global sales the US was found to be the second largest region in the overall hardcopy peripherals market with more than 6.8 million units shipped, while the Western Europe region shipments increased 7 percent to more than 6.3 million units.

IDC said Western Europe also maintains its number three spot in the total hardcopy peripherals market, based on shipments.

Central Eastern Europe & Middle East and Africa (CEMA) accounted for a 13 percent share with close to 4 million units, and resulted in a  23 percent year-over-year growth.
It was however, bitter sweet for the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) region, which although posted 23 percent year-over-year growth in unit shipments, saw an overall market decline of 26 percent.

However, the region maintains the top spot in the overall market with over 8 million units shipped in Q3. China accounted for the majority of shipments in the region with more than a 42 percent share.

Japan however, came bottom as most vendors decreased shipments to reduce stocks on the market in preparation for new product launches for the year-end sales in the fourth quarter. The region recorded a six percent growth.

Leading the way in the overall hardcopy peripherals market was giant HP, which was claimed to have shipped 13.4 million units shipped, resulting in a  44 percent share.

With its laser shortage issue resolved, HP saw 21 percent year-over-year growth globally and double-digit growth across all regions, except for North America.

Trailing in second place was Canon with close to 5.4 million units shipped and a 17 percent market share. The vendor posted a six percent year-over-year growth due to strong performance in the laser segment, which IDC placed at 33 percent. However it showed a weaker performance in the inkjet segment with a one percent growth.

Coming in third was Epson with a 14 percent share and an overall 11 percent growth. Shipments were said to approach 4.4 million units in Q3.

However, although it came out third in the overall inkjet segment with an 18 percent share, Epson only accounted for a one  percent share in the laser segment. Its best performing region was Latin America with an impressive 57 percent year-over-year increase, followed by a 51 percent growth in Canada.

Samsung came in second to last in fourth place with IDC claiming that its market share had remained unchanged at five percent, compared to a year ago. However, it pointed out that the  vendor posted a 21 percent year-over-year shipment growth in this quarter. Samsung experienced the highest year-over-year growth in the Americas with 60 percent share, followed by 30 percent in APeJ and six percent in EMEA. Laser devices accounted for more than 95 percent of Samsung’s total shipments in the quarter.

Bringing up the rear however, was Brother  with an overall  five percent market share and close to 1.6 million units shipped. This was driven by strong year-over-year performance in the emerging markets, including 74 percent growth in Latin America, and 73 percent  in the  Middle East and Africa.