Gizmodo snubbed at Apple do

Apple has decided to punish the tech blog Gizmodo by refusing to let its hacks into the conference that will launch the gizmo that the magazine exposed months ago to its readers.

Today, Steve Jobs will be showing off the new 4G phone to a bunch of fanboys and tame Apple press who will give him a sickening standing ovulation and write glowing things about the new fruity toy.

However Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has refused to answer its request to attend the company’s big Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.  We assume it is because Apple thinks Gizmodo can’t be trusted to write something nice.

To get around the problem,  editorial director Brian Lam said that Gizmodo is going to use the liveblogging of a number of other sources to construct its own, well, liveblog, of the WWDC keynote instead of its planned, “we’re actually there” coverage.

In other words it is going to every other magazine which is Apple’s best friend and cobble something together from Twitter and other hacks that were invited.

This isn’t the first time Gizmodo has found itself short of a press invite after its hacks dared to write a real story.

In 2008, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) banned Gizmodo TV blogger Richard Blakeley from its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for life. He walked through the CES floor using a TV-B-Gone kind of device to shut off television displays throughout the convention to show how easy it was.