German court upholds Galaxy ban

The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung trundled on again today with a German court upholding a ban on the Galaxy tablet.

Like a tedious soap opera spat, the row shows no sign of abating, and the latest round went Apple’s way with a judge in Dusseldorf declaring that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 had infringed iPad patents.

According to Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hoffmann a “clear impression of similarity” could be seen in Samsung’s take on the tablet, citing the “minimalist, modern form”. It makes us wonder if Apple’s top competition will eventually be fashioned as some sort of obscure shape, like a dodecahedron, taking its design inspiration from the brutalists. No reference was made to sci-fi films as inspiration though.

The good news for Samsung, however, is that the ban is only effective in Germany. This is despite a proposed ban which would have covered much of Europe.

The court said that “it could only be competent to order a Europe-wide ban for a firm headquartered outside the European Union if this firm has a German subsidiary,” writes AFP.  Of course this unlikely to mean that Samsung is going to be let off the hook in other EU countries.

The move comes not long after Samsung had to remove its tablets from the displays exhibition at the German IFA show.  Unfortunately for the Korean company it will now have to the same in shops around Germany.

Meanwhile the feuding pair have brought the argument into Asia.  Apple has also sought a sales ban on the Galaxy Tab in Japan this week, as it seeks to eradicate any trace of it from the face of the planet.

Samsung on the other hand is attempting to kick Apple’s jacksy with a patent suit of its own in Seoul, demanding a ban of Apple products in its own backyard.

The landmark bore is a very public threat from Apple, showing would-be rivals it is prepared to flex its bully-boy muscles in the court if it thinks it needs to.