GEO Semi lets loose eWARP Shasta board

GEO Semiconductor today announced its eWARP platform demo board – previously code named Shasta – to display resolutions up to 2560×1600 WQXGA.

Employing two sxW2 pixel processor ICs, it can handle “seamless” warp and will help designers get a higher level of corrections and rotation for standard displays, with resolutions up to full HD 1920×1080.

Shasta can perform all standard optical corrections like pin-cushion and barrel distortion, but it can also perform advanced features such as being able to de-warp fish eye lenses, edge-blending of HD video streams, image stitching of two camera sensors for higher higher resolution, and colour and brightness uniformity correction for image sensors, projectors and LCD displays. 

Shasta, says marketing VP at GEO Semiconductor Madhu Rayabhari, says it is the “basis for achieiving perfect alignment on advanced 3D displays using projectors and passive glasses, enhancing viewer comfort at lower cost points compared to dispalys using active shutter glasses.”

Shasta and eWARP is available directly through GEO Semiconductor, here.