Gamers to get rapture and ecstasy from makers of Mickey Mouse

Scientists at Disney Research are claiming a tech breakthrough that will let you watch a film or play a game and feel a number of spooky sensations and good vibrations.

The researchers, in cooperation with Carnegie Mellon say people will be able to feel everything from the “smoothness of a finger being drawn against skin to the jolt of a collision”.

The mind boggles at the possibilities for the porn industry – a sector that Disney no doubt would not want to stress.

Disney will show off the technology, dubbed Surround Hauptics, at Siggraph 2011. The demo will include driving stimulation (sic) game. Players will be able to “feel road imperfections and objects falling on the car” – something that London drivers are experiencing right now.

Disney researcher Ivan Poupyrev said that the unit had only put Surround Hauptics into a gaming chair. But, he said, “the technology can be easily embedded into clothing, gloves, sports equipment and mobile computing devices”.  Further, people will get experiences like flying, like falling, shrinking, growing and of “feeling bugs creeping on your skin,” he said.

Surround Hauptics works because the researchers have created an algorithm to control arrays of actuators.