Fujitsu planning Windows tablet for 2011

Fujitsu is next in line to release a tablet PC as the market prepares for a real flood. This one, like HP’s recent offering, will be built largely for business users and run on Windows 7.

It’ll have a 10 inch LCD screen and the usual gubbins you’d expect for a Windows built device, that is, a USB port and spaces for SD cards, etc. Otherwise details are thin.

Fujitsu is ambitiously looking to step out of its native Japan and launch in the USA, Europe and the rest of Asia. Competitors like Sharp, NEC and Toshiba are all planning their own home-grown slates built and marketed specifically to the Japanese. reports Fujitsu is looking for sales of between 700,000 and 800,000 in its first year. It’s expected to cost roughly $500.

Fujitsu kind of dipped its toes into the tablet water with the bulky LifeBook T900 which was a convertible laptop. It sounded like a Terminator and weighed about the same. Typically retailing for over £1,000, a cheaper model needs to be on the cards if Fujitsu wants to crack the market. Cheaper tablets are good for the supply chain.

High demand for tablets means manufacturers are able to sell off over supplies of accelerometers, NAND flash and LCD displays to name a few components. Stocks are running high, and as memory maker Kingston told us recently, they will take any opportunity they can get.