Fujitsu offers free server access to developers

Fujitsu today announced that it will be letting developers use its servers for free, a plan which will keep a lot of people in the software industry happy.

The unusual proposal is that software developers can use Fujitsu’s servers for free as part of a performance testing scheme, which will save the technology from the hassle of hiring third-party performance checkers and give struggling developers some much needed hardware to work on.

Fujitsu said that this new scheme will enable developers to better promote their products, since they will have been tested on Fujitsu’s systems.

It has set up a test centre and has already begun work with two software developers, with plans for at least 10 developers signing up by the end of the year.

Fujitsu also announced an upgrade of its server line at key businesses throughout Japan, including insurance firm Taiyo Life, which bought and installed servers for 146 of its branches. These servers are more eco-friendly than previous ones, which, in the case of Taiyo Life, has cut CO2 emissioms by around 150 tons. It also cut costs by 500 million yen (£3.7 million), Fujitsu claims.

Fujitsu is hoping the free access for developers increases the adoption of it servers in other businesses, including some of the software firms who decide to test them out. Fujitsu plans to double its server profits to 10 billion yen (£75 million) by April of next year, so we can probably expect more server announcements from the company within the next several months.