Fuel shortage strengthens case for electric cars

With the nation in the grip of fuel shortage madness the case for electric cars has grown even stronger.

While queues trail from petrol station forecourts with angry motorists fighting to fill up on overpriced fuel and stale scotch eggs, electric cars are being seen as a viable option for motorists.

Aside from removing the need to douse yourself in petrol from overflowing jerry cans at the behest of a panicky government, the benefits of electric vehicles are now clearer than ever.

Costing and a perceived lack of infrastructure may have been sore points for those considering dumping their gas-guzzler for a greener vehicle, but against a backdrop of the current pandemonium these worries are lessened.

According to Flora Heathcote at electric vehicle charging company PodPoint the current debacle could constitute something of a tipping point for greener cars, with the technology enabling widespread adoption.

“It is a huge incentive,” she says. “It empowers people to run a car without worrying about petrol prices and fuel shortages.”

According to Heatchote the current shortage highlights the growing unease amongst the motorists about the “growing prices of fuel and the problems with the supply chain”.

“Any incident like this is a negative for a petrol car, and is a positive for electric cars.”

She says that the cost argument for electric cars is almost “even with standard cars” if you take into account full life-time costs. 

“That argument is only going increase as the cost and convenience of running a standard car increase while that for an electric car goes down,” she told TechEye.

Cost per mile and servicing cost mean that despite an initial outlay she says the case for electric vehicles is stronger than ever.  Renault are releasing a full electric car that is looking to cost under £10,000 soon.  While hybrids are still costing around £20,000 upwards, widespread adoption is on its way.

There is a good basis of public infrastructure now, she says, and the government has pushed for a consolidated database of where available charge points available actually are.

Pod Point is part of this drive to launch a satnav scheme to show where their nearest charge point is, with government backing.

The introduction of many plug-in hybrid cars such as the Ford Focus are coming out this year will help too.

With the thought of further fuel shortages continuing to create havoc around service stations the sight of electric or hybrid cars could be set to rise over the coming months.