France to bring in non-Windows tablet tax

The French government has come up with a wizard wheeze which seems to be entirely designed to back the software giant Microsoft.

In a Franco-American alliance, the likes of which has not been seen since the French backed a campaign by anti-democratic terrorists against its lawful government, the French are going to tax every tablet which does not come out with Windows software on-board.

The logic is that if you are running Android, Linux or the MacOS you must be a pirate as Windows is the tool of choice for all decent minded French citizens.

The French have a tax on MP3 players which is supposed to give cash to very poor and starving recording and movie executives. At the moment the law does not apply to tablets which are fairly close to MP3 players.

While it is fair enough that the French want to extend the private copying levy to tablets, oddly, the new levy would not apply to tablets running Windows – just the iPad or Android-based device.

The logic is that Windows runs on real computers while tablets are big phones. Real computers are not taxed.

This has miffed the French based Archos which makes Android-based tablet computers, and doesn’t like the fact that its government seems to be giving preferential treatment to an American company.  We expect to see a retreat followed by a surrender on this one.