Foxconn boss admits iPhone supply struggle

Foxconn’s zoo keepers must be feeling the pinch since the world began frowning on the company’s habit of using suicidal teenagers to glue together Apple products, as controversial boss Terry Gou acknowledged the smartphone factory oligopoly is struggling to churn out enough iPhones.

As Reuters reports, Gou told a business forum that it’s not easy to make iPhones, although presumably he hasn’t been lending a helping hand on the factory floor.  “We are falling short of meeting the huge demand,” he admitted.

There are other rumours that work had been shifted on to Foxconn International Holdings, a separate subsidiary, because of supply worries at the traditional Apple plants. Gou would not comment.

Perhaps crackdowns on Foxconn’s labour practices combined with the delays will offer Gou some confirmation of his personal philosophies – that a “harsh environment is a good thing”, “hungry people have especially clear minds”, and “work itself is a type of joy”.

FIH shares rose on a Citigroup advisory that the company would begin manufacturing iPhones this year.

As ChannelBiz UK notes, FIH traditionally builds products for other vendors, such as Nokia and Huawei.

As for Apple, its website is still reporting shipping delays of up to five weeks, although availability is often staggered following flagship launches. We were staggered too when we heard reports of fans desperately trying to sell on the third iPad because they had just bought an iPad mini “which was better”.