Founder Paul Allen says Microsoft mucking around on products

Software giant Microsoft got a slap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper by founder Paul Allen this morning.

Speaking to Bloomberg , Allen said that Vole was mucking about  and not getting enough new products on the shelves fast enough.

Allen is in the press a bit lately for his new biography where, if we have read it correctly, he claims he was out saving the world while Bill Gates was pulling the wings off flies. The book “The Idea Man” more or less claims that Allen was a tortured business artist who was not appreciated by the oiks and riff-raff of the IT industry.  .

However the founder, and now one of the world’s richest blokes, said that Redmond “needs to accelerate the pace of product development” to compete with Google and Apple.

Allen is not the first one to complain that Vole is taking far too long to get products out there. The common belief is that the outfit is so big that managers are too busy playing politics to get any products out.

He said that Microsoft’s Windows 7 phone software and XBox Kinect sensors were “resonating with a younger audience” as the company tries to “get more momentum.” He seems to have some inside knowledge about Windows Phone 7 that the rest of the world has not seen.

Unlike Ballmer, who has been looking at making incursions into the Kingdom of the Dull people and make business software, Allen thinks that consumer stuff is where it is at.

Allen said that Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs’ transformation of Apple since his return in 1997 has been “unbelievable” – particularly that hat-trick with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

As a result there is now a three horse race for global domination between Apple, Google and Vole.