Flurry speculation on Apple's tablet has legs

A company called Flurry said that it has found 50 devices using its analytics programs that appear to have the characteristics of the much rumoured Apple tablet PC.

The tablet is expected to be introduced in a couple of days time, and according to Flurry it watched 200 different applications in use by testers in Cupertino.  The vast majority of these applications related to games, entertainment and books, Flurry reported.

That suggests that the tablet is aimed fairly and squarely at consumers including applications aimed at sharing pictures, social notworking, and file transfer apps.

Flurry also notes that the Apple hardware it has picked up runs on OS3.2, a version not yet released.  It also speculates that the machine is designed for online news consumption and will leverage software that’s already available in Apple’s App Store.

The analysis is here.