First confirmed sighting of iPad 2 in the wild

It appears that a working model of the hotly anticipated successor to the iPad has been spotted during the launch of the Murdoch-backed iPad rag The Daily.

There have been rumours circulating for some time about what form the iPad 2 will take and when it will grace us with its presence, with the latest guess being that the new tablet device will be announced in the next couple of months.

So far all that is known about what the much hyped iPad 2 will feature is the addition of the widely discussed front-facing camera, which seems about as much of a revolutionary ‘game-changer’ as when Gillette added a fourth blade to its flagship razor.

According to Reuters’ sources, which confirmed the existence of the new model, there are of course likely to be more improvements when finally released.

However with a raft of impressive tablets being released this year Apple may have to pull off something a lot more spectacular than a new camera if it is seeking to replicate the success of the all conquering original incarnation, which accounted for a staggering $8 billion in sales last year.