Fermi pics tip up from CeBit

Apparently Nvidia’s Fermi graphics card has been spotted and snapped in the wild for the first time, in the cold dank halls of Hannover, currently host to horror of all tech shows, CeBit.

PC Games Hardware claims to have circumvented Nvidia’s hired goons, surrounding the Fermi-ed up demo system in hall 17 at Hangover, to snap a cheeky shot of the GF100 Geforce GTX 4xx.

The system is apparently running the same Supersonic Sled demo which was on display at CES – the one with a funny little man sitting in rocket launcher type vehicle which gets propelled along a dirt track at ridiculous speeds.

But according to PC Games Hardware, only the GF-100-375-A3 has been put on display, and even that was running the demo without anti-aliasing tech switched on, with the speculation being that Nvidia doesn’t really want any unofficial benchmarks leaking out before the firm is ready with its faster Fermi models.

But TechEye was told Nvidia was actually showing off “several systems” with Fermi bunged in. “How else do you think we’re managing to stay warm?!” an Nvidia source told us, adding “GTX 480 SLI…Mmmm.” 

Purportedly, the pictured model shows a dual slot card with some heat dissipating radial fans welded on for good measure. It boasts two SLI connectors an HDMI output and two DVI outputs “with one eight-pin and one six-pin PCI Express power connector,” which the site notes is “just like the GTX 280.

Prices are tentatively listed as between 300 – 400 Euro for the lower end models of GTX 4xx, and between 500 – 600 Euro for the ultra high end cards.

More pics can be found here.