Fatal1ty cerebrates Asrock’s success

We somehow found ourselves at The Tavern after close of play at Computex last night but found it was closed because Asrock was having a private party, just like Gigabyte had had a private party there three nights before.

Asrock was gracious enough to extend a warm welcome to we media. The CEO says it is doing really really well. And in truth it is doing really really well. After two suits from Intel and AMD had their say about how well Asrock was doing, the compere (sic) whipped up excitement in the crowd to a new level.

We have, he said, a celebrity in our midst. Everyone craned their head to see who the celeb might be. Oprah Winfrey? Charles de Gaulle? Mick Jagger? Keith Richards. Cliff Richards?

Up to the ockey stepped Fatal1ty – also known as Johnathan Wendel. Johnathan is a very nice chap and once ate us out of house and home when he was in London helping mobo company Abit a bit.

Whatever happened to Diamond Flower International, by the way?