Ex-Acer CEO shunts to Lenovo Europe

Acer Chief Executive Gianfranco Lanci, who was fired for not rushing his company into copying Apple’s success, has taken over the role as Lenovo’s chief of operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Lanci appears to be part of a cunning plan by Lenovo to become one of the top three manufacturers in Europe by next year.

It seems that Lanci has seen the light when it comes to tablets and thin Ultrabooks. He now says that they will create many new opportunities for Lenovo.

Selling such gear to the cash strapped Europeans is a strategically critical market for Lenovo, he said. He added that the company would focus on keeping its position in enterprise sales, while significantly expanding consumer and smaller business sales in the region.

Lenovo is already doing quite well in Europe. It is the fastest growing PC vendor among the top five in the region. It has 8.2 percent of the market .

But for the outfit to succeed, it does need to do more to push itself into the consumer market. By giving the job to Lanci, Lenovo is taking advantage of  the strong relationships he has with the sales channel in the region.

Lanci joined Lenovo as a consultant late last year after his exit from Acer. In response Acer filed a lawsuit against him, saying it breached a non-compete clause in an agreement covering his departure from the company in 2011.