EVGA denies Exodus

Motherboard maker EVGA has been suffering from a rumour that all its motherboard makers are leaving.

This week there have been quite a few reports regarding the departure of EVGA’s motherboard team with most of them pointing the finger at rival gubbin’s maker Sapphire.

If you believe the rumours then Sapphire’s head hunters have been so successful at gathering heads that they make the ancient Celts look like amateurs.

Then there is another good rumour that Sapphire was not content with stealing all EVGA’s staff, it actually was buying the whole company.

EVGA’s CEO Andrew Han said that while “some people” have left, he has not had his whole team gutted.

Han said that the fact that Sapphire is about to buy, or has already bought the company, is also laughable. He said there was “no reason for EVGA to have a relationship with Sapphire.”

So in other words, EVGA has plenty of staff and is still standing on its own two feet. Nothing to see here, move on please. While you are at it, stop spreading these rumours.