Evergreen announces low carbon footprint solar panels

Evergreen Solar has announced its new line of solar panels which promise to be higher efficiency than your average panel, sporting proprietary silicon wafers and brand new cell technology it calls Boost.

The ES-D and ES-E series are aimed at both residential and commercial markets. The Boost  technology uses micro wires instead of the commonly used bus-bars which reduce cell shading and promise to improve current collection and overall efficiency. 

ES-D panels are aimed squarely at the residential market as they’re lighter and smaller to make it easier to fit them to roofs. There’s a choice of exactly two ES-D’s: the Aesthetic series which is an all black panel which promises to look pretty – it’s going for the vain green-minded crowd. It will come in 200, 205 and 210W power grades. The Performance series, well, Evergreen Solar doesn’t tell us much – we’re told they are designed for “optimising performance” and will be available in 200, 205 and 210W power grades.

The ES-E series will pack some serious power. They’re way larger than the ES-Ds and are built for commercial purposes. They will come in 220, 225 and 230W power flavours. According to Evergreen Solar, the carbon footprint of the panels can be 30 percent smaller than competitors. It claims that they have the quickest energy payback in the industry – under 12 months.

They’ll become available in Q4 2010.