Elpida Memory announces tiniest LPDDR2 chip

Japan’s Elpida Memory has announced its 2-gigabit DDR2 Mobile RAM, which it reckons is the DRAM industry’s tiniest LPDDR2 chip, which will become the main product to be manufactured at the 40nm line at its Hiroshima plant.

It has been designed with the smart phone and tablet PC markets in mind, as it operates at a low voltage of 1.2V and can reach a 1066Mbps high speed transfer rate. It can manage 8.5GB/second for a 64-bit system configuration and uses less than 30 percent of operating current compared with Elpida’s 50nm products, making it greener.

It has data width of  x16-bit / x32-bit and supply voltage of 1.2V for VDD2/VDDQ and 1.8V for VDD1. Its operating temperature range is 30 to 85 degrees Celsius. Elpida is hoping that its latest line will help grow and improve the tablet and mobile computer market’s next generation devices. 

Sample shipments of the 2-gigabit mobile RAM will begin in August and mass production should get rolling in September.