Ellison wants to make island self-sustainable

Oracle billionaire CEO Larry Ellison is spending a fortune to make the Hawaiian island of Lanai into an environmentally sustainable enterprise.

Ellison bought 98 percent of the 141-square-mile island from fellow billionaire David Murdock in June.

For the price, Ellison’s bought two resorts a golf courses, a variety of commercial and residential structures and vast acres of pineapple fields. Of course, he does not live there but is effectively the King of the Island.

According to the news channel CNBC, Ellison said that Lanai is a very interesting project and he wanted to turn the country into a model for sustainable enterprise.

He plans to convert sea water into fresh water and have organic farms all over the island. Hopefully we are going to export produce.

Ellison has plans to help local people start such businesses and said the island would have electric cars.

Reuters claims that King Ellison has a lot of support amongst his subjects. They say they knew they could not make much dosh off of tourism and this sort of cunning plan will be a winner.

Ellison has been a “King over the Water” and has not actually met with the community to talk about his plans. Murdock did meet with the islanders, made lots of promises, but nothing happened.

Apparently the islanders prefer someone who makes his promises at a distance.

Ellison recently paid for a refurbishment of the island’s public pool and recreation centre as well as upgrades to workers’ housing around the island so they think he is more serious.