Elitegroup releases latest in black series MoBo

Elitegroup is bringing a new, gaming specialist motherboard to the market, the ECS P55H-AK and it’s not promising anything in flamboyant terms – instead letting the specs do the talking.

It’s got a built in Nvidia NF200 chipset supporting three way SLI/CrossFire and DDR3-2600+ memory overclocking capabilities. It features a SATA 6G and an eSATA 6G port which run on the Marvell chipset, boosting transfer speed for rendering 3D models and  textures. The motherboard has four USB 3.0 ports, two of which are powered by the NEC USB 3.0 controller chip located on the front panel. 

Elitegroup says its ECS Qooltech III technology, a dual heatpipe, sports a heatsink which provides passive cooling to keep the system stable specifically for keen overclockers or those at their stations for a long time. Included in the BIOS is ECS’ MIBX or Motherboard Intelligent BIOS, created with overclockers in mind, which lets users tinker about with CPU and memory clock and voltage settings to squeeze extra performance out of the bit of kit.

At Computex this year, Elitegroup managed to use its technology to hit 5GHz on Intel’s i-Series K-Sku unlocked edition processors with a standard air cooler. 

More information is available on the Elitegroup website here. It’ll be available in black and white.