Elgato plumps for Thunderbolt

Mac software and hardware company Elgato has surprised at this year’s CES by unveiling a speedy storage product you’d think was out of its remit. 

The marketeers that invented the ‘cloud’ seems to have had some luck convincing the world that storage can be exciting.  Elgato has announced a product called the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD – no prizes for guessing what it is.

Elgato’s product is a solid state drive which sports Intel’s much-hyped Thunderbolt technology.

The company claims the difference with its product is in the design – it says no moving parts means better durability and that the metal enclosure is specifically designed to handle high heat. 

Thanks in part to ThunderBolt, Elgato claims that its SSDs outperform the competition, especially traditional USB or FireWire drives, but the price you pay is… the price. Available in February, the cheapest option is 120GB and retails for £349.95.

SSD prices are coming down but are still not affordable for the average consumer. Intel believes the technology’s time to shine is still to come.

You can have a look at Elgato the spec sheet here, where you will be cheerfully reminded that Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of the Intel Corporation.