ECS announces two fancy new motherboards

Elitegroup Computer Systems, (ECS), has today let the world know about its latest AMD 880G / SB850 chipset based motherboards, the snappily named six-core A885GM-A2 and A885GM-M2.

ECS promises that its new motherboards will go down a treat with the enthusiast community, saying while they are affordable they are powerful and easy to overclock.

They both ship with the ECS M.I.B. III which has nothing to do with Will Smith, but stands for Motherboard Intelligent Bios, an overclocking utility which lets users tinker around with their motherboards and systems easily. Both will also come packing the eDLU, or easy Driver Live Update utility, to make sure users can update their BIOS and drivers safely and easily.

Both come with an ATI Radeon HD 4250 as the integrated graphics processor, and sport 5x SATA 6Gbps for storage. The M2 has both HDMI and VGA video outputs, while the A2 packs DVI and VGA.

You’ll have space for 14 USB devices on the M2 and 12 on the A2. The M2 features 2x DDR3 1333 DRAM support while the A2 supports 4x DDR3 1600. While the launch was announced today, we do not yet know official pricing, but it’s expected that the motherboards will go on sale soon. Check out the Global English ECS page here.


The A2

The M2