E-book product delays means dire Q2 shipments

A total of 1.35 million e-book readers were shipped to the global market in the second quarter of 2010, disappointing compared to forecast figures.

This was 33.2 percent shipments fewer than the originally projected 2.02 million units. According to the research this was mainly because shipments of new models had been delayed to the third quarter as well as the fact that telecom carrier China Mobile Communications’ subsidised sales of e-book readers were weaker than expected in the Chinese market. Shipments of SiPix’s e-paper technology were also delayed.

The research, by DigiTimes, found that Barnes & Noble came up trumps in the second quarter with 33 percent of the market share, followed by Amazon, which achieved 27 percent. However, Amazon should regain its top position in the third quarter when the company launches its next piece of kit.

It’s also good news for the future e-book reader market, with demand in the second half of 2010 expected to grow to seven million units as vendors lower their prices. Volume shipments of SiPix’s e-paper products will contribute to this as well as the availability of more mature SoC (system on chip), which will push product development.