DreamWorks chief says Hollywood peddling crap 3D

3D took a knock with the head of DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, said the industry is on the rocks.

Katzenberg reckons the main reason for a recent lack of interest in the format, where ticket sales are dropping, is thanks to some of the 3D turkeys released post-Avatar, driven by Hollywood greed.

Who could forget Street Dance 3D, or the seminal Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience?

Katzenberg, who has turned out hits like Shrek and Madagascar with the DreamWorks studio,  believes that the industry has gone for a “low end crappy version” of 3D.

The industry has managed to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” – with a once excited audience totally bored of substandard and expensive 3D.

Though he predicts a resurgence for the future, Katzenberg forecasts it could be 10-15 years before glasses free arrives in the movie theatre. It’ll be in “our lifetimes,” anyway.

Some predict glasses free TV will arrive in around five years. But arguably similar has happened in the TV industry, with manufacturers ramping up shipments despite much in the way of content.

There are many hurdles for successful implementation at the moment.

Bob Raikes, display expert at Meko, believes that 3D will have to overcome certain problems before it becomes widely used.

“3D is hard to do well, as Hollywood has found,” he told TechEye.

Raikes tells us that there are four main areas that are driving 3D, in movies, TV, games and user generated content.

“All content areas face challenges, and movies are very important for the pervasiveness of 3D. It takes time to adapt to the new technology and Hollywood has perhaps not been successful in the post-Avatar world.

“But this doesn’t change the fact that 3D will become pervasive in TVs.”

Raikes also believes a wait for glasses-free 3D will not have a severe effect on its popularity.

“Manufacturers are going to do 3D with glasses anyway, and this is not likely to be a problem for viewers as 3D is likely to stay an ‘event’ experience where it is not watched continually, for example, 3D film at the cinema or a cup final at home.”