Don't eat your batteries

It is extremely dangerous to eat your computer and just if you ever thought no one would be stupid enough to try it, enough people have done so for it to be a worry for health authorities.

Last autumn a 13-month-old kid from Ohio munched a lithium battery and it killed him.

In the last few years there have been ten cases of people eating lithium batteries from their electronics. Apparently kids think they are sweets and the elderly think it is their pills.

According to the medical journal Pediatrics which we get for the agony page,  more than 3,500 batteries are eaten in a year. The problem is that the fact that electronics uses lithium batteries has made the problem a bit more lethal.

The chemical reaction triggered by the batteries can damage vocal cords, leaving children with a lifelong whisper. Damage to the gastrointestinal tract means some children require feeding tubes and multiple surgeries.

Ipods are also a bit of a killer. 13-month-old Kaiden Vasquez of Bristow, picked up the remote control to his parent’s iPod docking station dislodged the battery and swallowed it.

By the time the quacks had figured out what was wrong the battery had burned a hole in his oesophagus and trachea and he required a feeding tube and two months of home nursing care.

The problem is getting so bad that it is reaching the point where computers will have to contain health warnings.