Don't buy an iPad this Christmas

Apple  is planning to make its first generation of iPads out-of-date in February which will mean all those Christmas presents from wealthy parents will be a waste of cash.

According to DigiTimes, the much awaited iPad II, which contains all the features that the iPad I should have had, but didn’t will be in production in late February for an early April 2011 launch.

While it will appear that Apple is sticking two fingers up at its Christmas market, the situation would have been much worse if its original plan had gone ahead.

According to sources for DigiTimes the iPad was supposed to ship in January but there had been a delay in the firmware.

 Apple is expecting to sell 600,000 units we guess it must be to those fanboys who are daft enough to junk their original tablets after only a year.

 The next generation iPad will come come equipped with a FaceTime camera for video calling and a gyroscope for advanced motion control sensing, much like the iPhone 4.

It is also expected to be thinner than the previous model and have an improved display, and may even include a built-in USB connector.  The other one had a USB connection that only linked to Apple gear so it made it useless. 

It will not have Flash, of course, which will make it as useful as a chocolate teapot, but then who wants to spend £700 for a keyboardless netbook?  Now thanks to Steve Jobs’s marketing plans even as gifts they will have limited appeal