Donald, where's yer hardware troosers?

Ah well, I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again, I’ll be scunnered if I  don’t and fashed if I do. So Och Aye, TechEye, and let’s get down to it the  noo.

Scott Wasson’s tech site – The Tech Report – has a round up of power supplies  for the true McGeek amongst ye all. The folks look at PSUs from Corsair, from  Enermax, from Seasonic and XFX. They’re all priced a bit similarly, apart from  the Enermax 850W unit, which costs $220. Turn the power on here.

That cheeky wee Bosnian chappie Fuad Abazovic has a wee look at Nvidia‘s Fermi  announcement. We heard from TG Daily only a few weeks back that yields are not  totally brill on the manufacturing front. TG Daily’s piece is here. Charlie, as you’d expect, has something to say about this. The BSON  has something about this as well, but more interestingly to us is a look at  3M’s pocket camera.

There’s a new kid on the block with a familiar name, called – no  relation to, it’s rolling out stuff about the top five netbooks your cash can buy.

And so we get away from the Mike Magee planets and turn our attention to Johan
De Gelas, at Anandtech. Johan really knows his stuff and his piece is about  dynamic power management.

My eyes are getting a wee bit rheumy now I’m in the twilight of my years, but  Over at HardOCP the Kyles of this world have a dekko at AMD’s Radeon HD 5670.  This is a graphics card and even monkeys can install graphics cards, according  to AMD. Hoots! Mon! The Noo!