Dolby fits RFID tags into cinema 3D glasses

Dolby is screeching about the next generation of its 3D glasses, which it says roped in the technical know-how of an eyewear design company.

To be fair to Dolby, at least these are only at a $12 list price compared to the expensive offerings at the beginning of the 3D bandwagon.  

These are next gen, says Dolby, because they can be used repeatedly for cinemagoers and are robust enough to be washed – and they’d better be, because we hear conjunctivitis is rather unpleasant.  

Dolby claims the glasses, which are sadly still required for accurate 3D viewing on the big screen, make the wearer “look marvellous” which is just what you need in a big, dark room. 

Dolby has also included invidually serialised RFID tags for “inventory tracking and management,” which means if you think it’s a hilarious joke to sneak out a pair from the Leicester Square Odeon to the nearby Wetherspoons you can expect a visit from the Cinema Police.