Direct X holds back top end PCs, AMD says

AMD’s GPU developer relations manager, Richard Huddy claims that DirectX is ‘getting in the way’ of developers pushing top-end PCs to their limits.

Huddy told Bittech that AMD graphics cards often have at least ten times as much horsepower as an Xbox 360 or a PS3 yet the games don’t look ten times as good. He said that the problem was caused by DirectX is getting in the way.

Games developers want to have total control over the machine and one of the most frequent requests that AMD gets is to make the API go away.

He said that if games developers had access to the hardware at a very low level it would give games developers the chance to innovate and that will put pressure on Microsoft, Huddy said.

He admits that the notion is not shared by all. Some think that having a standard 3D API allows developers to ensure their games will run on a widest range of different hardware, and lets them easy access to shaders, he said.

Huddy said that wrapping everything up in a software layer gives you safety and security, but it unfortunately tends to rob you of quite a lot of the performance, and most importantly it robs you of the opportunity to innovate.

The other downside is that it leads to games looking the same. When shaders were introduced into games in 2002 everyone thought that it would create more visual variety. However everyone used shaders in the most obvious way.

If the API was dropped then developers can render everything they can imagine, not what they can see , Huddy said.