Dell's mobile roadmap leaks

In comparison to Apple, which sends in the police to break down a  reporter’s door when it feels that its security has been compromised, Dell appears to be leaking like a sieve and is grateful for the attention.

A leaked slide from Dell’s mobile roadmap has been posted on the world wide wibble .  
It shows a five inch and seven inch slate computer running Android and MeeGo, a 3G slate bundled by Vodafone plus two ARM-powered 11 inch ‘smartbooks’.

While HP and Microsoft are losing interest in slates, Dell appears to be thinking that there is gold in “them thar hills”.

It appears that when it comes to mobile Dell is an Android fanatic. A smartphone codenamed ‘Thunder’ to a pair of  3G netbooks running ARM processors  all are running Google’s operating system.

The five inch ‘Streak’ slate and both the ‘Sparta’ and ‘Athens’ netbooks could also be offered with MeeGo, the Linux-based mobile OS. Although the slide does not say that, it does have Moblin’s Tux mascot beneath Android’s lime-green robot, indicating the slide was drawn up before Intel announced it was shuttering Moblin and pouring the code into MeeGo.

Mid-year will see the launch of the Streak 5. This five inch slate will run Android and likely also MeeGo. The Android-powered slate will have a  Dell UI called Bender which is named after the cranky robot in Futurama rather than a drunken night out in Dell labs.

Streak 5 will include 3G and be offered through Vodafone in Europe.

The Streak 7 will follow as an Android-only model. The slide makes a point of calling out that the seven inch slate will be ‘Wi-Fi only’, with 3G not even being listed as an option.

As a Wi-Fi tablet the Streak 7 is intended more for use around the home and in cafes  rather than on the go, with Dell identifying “movies, photos, ebooks (and) games” as its primary usage.

There are  two 11-inch netbooks listed for mid-year and early 2011.  They’ll have an ARM processor in place of Intel’s x86 Atom platform, which combined with the optional 3G radio makes them ‘smartbooks’, and they’ll run Android and MeeGo instead of Windows.

The ‘Sparta’ is described as a ‘netbook tablet’ with the thumbnail sketch showing a stylus-driven touchscreen that folds back over the keyboard.

At the beginning of 2011 Dell will launch ‘Athens’, which Dell calls a ‘true netbook’ and reckons will weigh less than 900 grams.

Lastly the slide mentions the Thunder smartphone in time for the release of Windows Phone 7, although it will also ship in an Android variant.