Dell working on second Android tablet

Dell has revealed that it is working on a second Android tablet, the successor to the Dell Streak, and that it is so confident it reckons it will increase business by 20 percent in this quarter alone.

The plans were revealed by Michael Dell, CEO of the company, at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. He was tight-lipped about specific details such as technical specifications, pricing, release date, and name, but he did reveal that it will have a 7-inch screen, making it closer in size to the iPad compared to the smartphone-sized 5-inch Streak.

Rumours are rampant that this new tablet may be the one that was mentioned back as early as April, nicknamed “Looking Glass”, but no real details were revealed about that other than a 7-inch screen.

What is known, however, is that Dell believes the tablet market is worth the investment, despite the lack of fanfare over the Streak tablet. The Wall Street Journal reported him as saying that initial sales of the Streak were “interesting, exciting, but immaterial to Dell’s $60 billion in revenue,” which effectively translates as: they’re not really selling, but we don’t need the money.”

In fact, Dell is so confident about its position in the overall market that it is forecasting a 20 percent increase in business for the current quarter, which means it can really afford to fail with the Streak and still offer a number of successor tablets.

The problem with the Streak is the perception of it as a smartphone rather than a tablet, which puts it in competition with a far larger range of mobile devices. 

With such a small screen it is hard to market as a replacement for a notebook or as a true rival to the iPad, something which Dell seems to now realise. A 7-inch variant, while still smaller than some other tablets, will give Dell a much better chance at stealing some market share.