Dell to push ARM server development with Copper

Dell is releasing ARM-based servers to a small number of customers and partners, with a view to a full release in future.

Dell will make a tentative move into the market for low power servers with the limited release of the platform titled ‘Copper’, as it looks towards selling servers for datacentre use.

Although ARM servers might not be as powerful as their x86 counterparts, Dell reckons that the ARM servers will fit nicely with Big Data applications such as Hadoop, due to the small power requirement per watt necessary. 

It is hoped that the small scale shipping of servers can help to provide a basis for ARM ecosystem development.

Dell acknowledged that the market for ARM based servers is reaching an “inflection point”, and it will now be looking to help in the development of and testing of operating systems applications for use on ARM servers.

This will mean promoting an ‘open development environment’, and will look to present a platform for open source developers to continue work on ARM platforms.  

Demonstration clusters will be made available to certain customers, with development at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.