Dell to launch tablet late 2012

Dell will finally launch its first consumer tablet proper in late 2012. 

Reuters quotes Dell chief commercial officer Steve Felice as saying that arriving late into the market is probably a good idea.

The tin box peddler had a half-stab at the tablet market with the disappointing Streak, but now it says it understands how consumers want a solid egosystem as much as the hardware.

Speaking at CES, he said that Dell had been taking its time and noticed that everyone that’s tried to introduce a tablet outside of Apple has failed.

However, Dell, he promised, will enter the market in a bigger way towards the end of the year. Dell just wants to be careful how it enters it.

Part of the problem appears to be about the consumer mindset. With the PC, people were more focused on the hardware, but with tablets and smartphones, people are interested in the overall environment and experience.

Felice was coy about which operating system Dell might use and said that Windows 8 and Android were both possible, according to Reuters. He said that he liked Microsoft’s touch-enabled operating system, which would be well-timed when it emerges later this year in light of recent high-profile product failures.