Dell sells Ubuntu computers in India

Tinman Dell is elbowing its way into India by pushing Dell laptops wih Ubuntu Linux under the bonnet.

Canonical and Dell have announced that Dell laptops preloaded with Ubuntu will be sold in 850 retail outlets in India.

The move is supposed to be Dell’s push for mobile computing in India. The idea is that Ubuntu will give Indian businesses a cheap PC with cheap software installed by default.

Canonical’s CEO, Jane Silber, announced the deal at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network’ event in New Delhi.

She said that it would make computing more accessible and provide millions of people with the opportunity of an affordable, high-quality computing.

The announcement was short on mentioning Microsoft by name. Dell, which has long been Microsoft’s chum, was keen to emphasis that it was an “alternative.”

Sameer Garde, President, Dell India, said Ubuntu was compelling mobile or in-home computing proposition, with the benefit of Dell quality and security.

The retail outlets will display Ubuntu-branded marketing collateral in-store, with trained staff explaining the advantages of Ubuntu to consumers.

The machines, including the new Inspiron 14R and new Inspiron 15R, will be available with Ubuntu pre-installed from 21 June.

Dell has not had much luck selling Linux machines, but the fact that they are cheaper was always seen as a way of getting into developing markets.