Dell releases refreshed server range

Hardware companyl Dell has released a  range of servers which the company thinks is proof that it is no longer just another PC maker.

Dell’s  servers are for enterprise customers which means that it is boosting its corporate business unit and shifting its focus further away from the consumer market

Chief Executive Michael Dell insisted that Dell is not a PC company any more and has transformed itself into a business that sells services and products to corporations. Of course it still sells PCs but that is not its main focus and of course it always sold servers but these were slightly out of focus and were difficult to see in a poor light.

Michael Dell said that his company was not so much a PC company, more an end-to-end outfit, which makes it a bit like a serpent eating its own tail, we would have thought.

Dell has seen its enterprise business double in the past five to six years and now represents half of the company’s profit, he pointed out.

The new PowerEdge servers include the second generation of the company’s embedded system management tools. These are supposed to help IT departments more easily deploy, monitor and manage the enterprise infrastructure.

It is in direct competition with HP which released its updated HP Proliant x86 Gen8 server line which also promised significant automation.