Dell releases familiar looking ultra-thin Intel laptop

Dell has announced the availablity of its brand spanking new ultra-thin, high specification laptop, powered by Intel chips, the XPS 14z. Despite having the hallmarks, it doesn’t look like this one is an Ultrabook.

Which kind of begs the question – if the Ultrabook is going to be so phenomenal, why is Dell launching a competing ultra-thin product now?

Anyway, the laptop is available with a dual core i5 or i7 and an option to throw an Nvidia GeForce GT 520M with 1GB graphics memory into the mix. Storage comes in a couple of flavours, either 500GB or 750GB, or you can pick a 256GB SSD. The memory is 4GB dual channel DDR3, up to 8GB DDR3 optional. There’s a USB 3.0 port and a high definition screen too. 

The XPS 14z, out 15 November in the UK, will retail for a minimum of £799. 

The 23mm thin laptop, which ships with Windows 7, is brushed off with anodised aluminium and magnesium alloy, in dark grey, not too dissimilar to a certain high profile release from Asus

We’ve been in touch with Dell to find out if this model is an Ultrabook or not. Dell has not replied to our queries.

But we imagine the answer is ‘no’. A scan around Dell’s consumer website shows no mention of Ultrabooks anywhere. Anyway, even though the machine uses Intel chips, physically resembles one and can be bought with an SSD, Intel is being very careful where its $300 million Ultrabook war chest materialises. The Dell Ultrabook will be launched to much fanfare and we’re going to see that impressive instant-on technology again. 

An industry source familiar with the matter gave a nod, saying that the Dell Ultrabook is probably on the way, and that this isn’t it.

*Update Dell says it’s not an Ultrabook. It told us: “With respect to the Ultrabook category, as this category was introduced by Intel, we’ll need to refer you to them for their definition of an Ultrabook”.

Dell pointed us to this Intel blog post, which aims to define the Ultrabook.

“The XPS 14z is not classified as an Ultrabook,” the spokesperson continued. “This said, Dell is fully supportive of Intel and its Ultrabook initiative, and are evaluating the category.”