Dell kills off Streak 5 in the US

Tinman Michael Dell has decided to kill off his Streak 5 tablet in the United States, but keep flogging it in Blighty.

Dell’s US website has confirmed the demise of its Streak 5 tablet shows of a photo of a woman in sunglasses looking wistfully out of a car window, next to the words, “Goodbye Streak 5. It’s been a great ride.” It is not clear who was riding what, but most people agree that Dell had been unable to penetrate the US market and just could not get on top.

Dell had been keeping the Streak in short supply in the US for the last month, in contrast to Blighty where there are shedloads available. In fact the Streak is popular in the UK where it costs £379.

The difference between the two countries is the US is Apple’s main stomping ground and as yet, tablets are still a Jobs’ Mob fad. As Bill Bailey pointed out, iIn the UK, we crave disappointment and Dell’s Streak Five fulfils our expectations of misery even better than a Kinder surprise Chocolate Egg.

The Streak had a few other problems. Ron Garriques, president of Dell Communication Solutions said during the products launch that the outfit had designed the Streak to hit a sweet spot between traditional smartphones and larger-screen tablets.

What Dell did not realise was that it failed to fit into any market. It was too small for a tablet and too big for a phone.

Dell’s slightly larger Streak 7 tablet continues to be sold, which suggests that size might have been the problem and prevented a comfortable ride.