Dell hits the frontline with mobile military datacentres

Dell is unleashing its air-deployable military datacentre for computing on the front line.

The Tactical Mobile Data Center is a customisable datacentre that governments can send out to support military forces in whatever far flung corner of the world they are needed in.   

Frontline access to IT infrastructure is more necessary than ever Dell Federal, and the Tactical Mobile Data Center is aimed at allowing a datacentre to be quickly supplied, set up and torn down again before moving on to a new location.

Suitably the datacentres are able to put up with more intense situations than your average IT environment, and are apparently able to withstand 3G forces while in transit.

Each of the datacentres are shipped, or flown, with an ISU-96 flight certified container with automatic ventilation back up, intrusion detection and monitoring, fire suppression and emergency power off among other features.

Machine gun turrets are not an optional extra as far as we are aware.

The customisable datacentres comprises at least two components  – the IT Pack and AC/UPS Pack.

The IT Pack contains: three 42U – 15KW capacity server racks (45KW total), power distribution units, data connections.  Each container holds up to 120U’s or 10,000 lbs, according to Dell.

The AC/UPS Pack contains battery back up, with support for structured or generated power feeds, with Glycol closed loop system supporting cooling capacity.