Dad threatens to sue HP over burnt child

An American dad is reported to be planning to sue HP after his baby daughter was burnt by a laptop power cable.

According to, Joe Degravio, from Stockton, California, left eight-month-old Isabella on the living room floor for five minutes while he went into the kitchen. 

When he came back, she had a third-degree burn the size of a golf ball near her right ankle.

Mr Degravio said his daughter rolled onto the power cable box connected to an HP laptop, causing the burn.

“We felt it got stove-top hot,” he told “It was really, really hot. Not enough to give us third-degree burns as an adult, but hot enough to burn an infant or a child. It did some damage to her.”

The tot needed skin graft surgery in hospital.

Mr Degravio was reported to have said he wanted to file a lawsuit against HP to raise awareness for other parents.

HP could not be reached for comment.