CUDA man poached from Nvidia causes ConFusion

The man who was CEO and co-founder of Ageia Technologies – subsequently acquired by Nvidia – has taken the AMD shilling and will be the VP of its AMD Fusion application programme.

Manju Hegde spearheaded the CUDA initiative at Nvidia but will now report to Rick Bergman, general manager of AMD’s product group.

We reported on Hegde moving on but now it’s official.

Bergman is cock-a-hoop over the poach and said AMD is “thrilled” to attract Manju Hedge to the team. AMD claims that its future Fusion technology will wipe out competition from Intel and Nvidia.

AMD has already started sampling Fusion products through foundry partners GloFo (GlobalFoundries) and TSMC.

Hegde’s job at AMD will be to identiy applications and other opportunities that will make use of the Fusion technology.

Before starting Ageia, Hegde was CTO of Celox Networks, chief scientists of Minmax Technologies and worked for a number of academic institutions.

He told the Wall Street Journal the big attraction for working for AMD is that it has X86 technology, unlike Nvidia.