Creative releases a quad core sound processor

Creative, better known for its Sound Blaster product range, has announced a multicore sound and voice processor which is targeted at those who want their noise with less power.

Dubbed the Sound Core3D, the chip is designed for embedded systems. It is supposed to be offering improved sound quality over existing on-board audio. For years a dedicated sound card has been seen as an improvement on anything that comes from on board audio but this is supposed to be the answer to the problem.

Singaporean Creative vice president Steve Erickson said his team designed a sound and voice processor that means OEM partners can deliver the highest quality Sound Blaster audio ever on a motherboard.

It also means that there will be a “new level” of quality to sound and voice processing to consumer electronics products. Noisy, we guess.

Sound Core3D is a versatile chip that can deliver the highest performance voice processing and audio playback from a single chip, he claimed.

The chip has multiple DSP cores and a high-quality HD audio codec. Armed with four independent processing cores, six-channel 24-bit 102dB digital to analogue converters, four-channel 24-bit 101dB analogue to digital converters, integrated headphone amplifier, digital microphone interface, S/PDIF inputs and outputs, the chip has all the general purpose inputs and outputs you can eat.

Word on the street is that Gigabyte will put the processor in its future products.