Cray launches mid range XE6m supercomputer

Cray has launched a mid-range supercomputer, which it claims will give researchers, scientists and engineers with midrange high performance computing (HPC) computational needs a more cost-effective system.

The Cray XE6m supercomputer includes the same features found in the company’s XE6 systems, such as the Gemini interconnect, however according to the company the new model also has  a scaled-down configuration which is designed to make the system cheaper to run and buy. 

The new supercomputer is upgradeable from the older  Cray XT5m and Cray XT6m systems and will feature Nvidia GPU blades. It also has a Cluster Compatibility Mode, which allows users to run applications from independent software companies without modification.

The blades have four compute nodes which can be configured with up to 96 dual-socket nodes per cabinet. Each compute node is composed of two AMD Opteron 6100 Series
processors (the eight and 12-core “Maranello” platform), each coupled with its own memory and Cray Gemini interconnect.

The compute nodes in the Cray XE6m systems can also be configured with 32 GB or 64 GB DDR3 memory.

In addition the system supports hardware and software for modern parallel languages such as Unified Parallel C and Co-Array Fortran.

And research facilities are already taking advantage of the new system – with the City University  in New York (CUNY) already using the supercomputer for a project to jump-start academic research in the development of PGAS-based applications.

Paul Muzio, Director of the CUNY HPC Centre, says: “Our staff and researchers at CUNY have extensive experience in the development of applications using Co-Array Fortran and Unified Parallel C. We will be applying that expertise and using the Cray XE6m system to address problems in engineering, bio-medical science and data intensive computing that require low latency inter-processor communications to support fine grain parallelism.”

“The Cray XE6m supercomputer is an exciting system for us because we can now take all of the innovative features and technologies of our Gemini-based supercomputers and offer that same functionality to both new and existing customers at a lower entry point,” said Barry
Bolding, vice president of Cray’s products division.