Cray cuts the cost of its midrange supercomputers

Supercomputer outfit Cray has announced that it is trying to make its mid-range efforts cheaper.

The outfit has announced that it is releasing mid-range supercomputers starting at $200,000. This will apparently get you a system that marries the tightly integrated features of Cray’s high-end supercomputers with the ease-of-use and affordability of the Company’s previous line of Cray CX systems. Says Cray

This means petascale technologies and scalable architecture of the Cray XE6m and Cray XK6m line. But they also have some of the best bits of Cray’s high-end systems, such as Gemini interconnect, the latest version of the Cray Linux Environment,  AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors and Nvidia Tesla GPUs.

Peg Williams, Cray’s senior vice president of high performance computing systems, said that that Cray CX line was a success  as it let it reach a new segment of users in a broader set of industries.

But customers want to combine the strengths of both of our product offerings into a single architecture and we’ve now accomplished that goal.

Now it thinks it has come up with a supercomputing product to meet the needs of the midrange market.