Corsair releases 2.625GHz RAM

Memory maker Corsair has announced that it is flogging RAM chips which it claims can manage a record breaking 2.625GHz.

According to the press release the Dominator GT GTX6 can manage this thanks to hand-picked memory chips, advanced cooling and advanced cooling system, the Dominator GT GTX6 memory modules.

Sounds really good until you read the fine print. The modules have 1GB capacity and even Corsair itself does not seem to want to guarantee its reliability.

So other than the eyebrow raising speed, it is probably the chocolate teapot of expensive RAM.

The spec says that it is officially rated to work at 2625MHz with CL9 11-10-30 latency settings and 1.65V or 1.45V voltage.

The modules have been tested on the Gigabyte P55A-UD5 motherboard with BIOS Revision F10 at a clock speed of 2625MHz. Apparently they needed “specially selected” Intel Core i7-860 and Core i7-870 microprocessors in single-channel mode to go that fast.

Speeds like 2600MHz can “typically” be achieved in dual-channel mode.

AMD and Intel LGA1366? Corsair admits it has not had a try getting its RAM to go on those rigs.

Still,  anyone who can afford a Intel Core i7-860 rig is not the sort of person who would dream of sticking  1GB memory modules in,  so we are not sure who it has built this for.