Corning launches thin 0.4mm glass substrates – ready to use

Get out the way, fatties! Corning Incorporated is introducing a new line of super thin glass substrates which have got Kate Moss thinking she looks like Roseanne Barr. At their tiniest, they’re just 0.4mm thin.

Most panel makers start with 0.5mm substrates for portable kit, then run a thinning process using chemicals to reduce the thickness of glass – Corning apparently uses its own proprietary fusion process which can bang out the thin panels straight away and ready to use. 

The new line will use the Eagle XG composition, which Corning says is the industry’s most environmentally friendly glass substrate and makes devices easier to recycle.

Soon, though, Heat Magazine will be running photos of the 4mm substrates on the front page for their flabby tummies – Corning is planning on getting 0.3mm substrates for glass sizes good to go as soon as it can.