Corning expands Eagle XG slim glass product line

Corning Incorporated has launched its Eagle XG Slim glass substrates in larger generation sizes, which support LCD panel manufacturing for larger applications such as TV and large monitors.

The range was initially intended to enable lighter-weight portable devices, and included glass sizes up to Generation 5 at 0.4mm thick. However, the company has now expanded its range adding 0.5mm glass in Generations 7 and 8, which is the format that supports television applications and large monitors. According to the company until now, these generation sizes have traditionally been 0.7mm thick.

The company said at the standard glass thickness of 0.7mm, the glass represents 10 to 25 percent of the module thickness for leading-edge slim TV designs. It added that a migration to 0.5mm will provide a tangible benefit in efforts to reduce the thickness of televisions.

The range, which is manufactured in Asia, is also said to be the industry’s most environmentally friendly glass, making devices even more recyclable.

The company also has future plans to further expand the product line by developing 0.3mm substrates for glass sizes that support portable electronic devices.

“As the first to supply commercial volumes of slim glass substrates, Corning continues to lead the industry migration toward thinner devices,” said Lisa Ferrero, general manager, Corning Display Technologies. “By adding larger sizes to the Eagle XG Slim product line, Corning is helping the industry address growing consumer demand for thin and sleek televisions.”