Consumer magazine confirms iPhone 4 borked

What Steve Jobs called a “non-issue” has made the iPhone Flaw a consumer problem.

US watchdog Consumer Reports said it is not recommending Apple’s iPhone 4, following tests confirming the handset has a hardware flaw that causes signal quality to degrade.

Mike Gikas, senior electronics editor for Consumer Reports that there seems to be a design flaw with the iPhone Flaw “and it is significant,”.

The publication has recommended the three previous iPhone models instead.

Tests were conducted in a room designed to eliminate radio frequency interference.

The tests proved that when a user covers the phone’s lower-left side, where two parts of the external antenna meet, the loss of signal strength may lead to dropped calls in areas where AT&T’s coverage is weak.It confirms that the problem is nothing to do with AT&T and everything to do with poor design work from Apple.

Apple says the problem is software-related and involves how the phone displays signal strength. A fix will be released, the company said on July 2.

However Gikas said that if the signal is strong in the area, then you won’t lose the call.Consumer Reports also tested other phones, including Apple’s older iPhone 3GS, and the Palm Pre, and found they did not suffer from the same problems as the iPhone 4.

Gikas suggested that people who experience the problem apply duct tape, which does not conduct electricity, to the gap in order to reduce the chance of causing signal interference.

Apple is not saying anything about the report.  It is continuing to ship broken phones and people are stupid enough to continue to buy them.