Connected TVs thrash 3D in 2010

Connected TV sales triumphed over 3D sales in 2010.

That’s according to research by analysts at Meko, which also found that overall demand for TV sets continued to grow in the last quarter of 2010.

It found that a huge 24 million TV sets shipped to the EMEA region last year, which marked an increase of five percent year on year. Connected TVs and LED-backlit TV sales grew the most and while the company saw a moderate increase in 3D TV sales, it said it was internet connected TV sales which saw the fastest rise.

During the fourth quarter of 2010 Western Europe picked up 27 percent of TV set shipments, which Meko said were internet connection capable.

However, Goksen Sertler, senior analyst for TV at the company pointed out that these  TV sets were “not necessarily connected by consumers.”

When it comes to the battle of the brands, Sony and Samsung were found to have the highest connected TV shipment share, both standing at above 40 percent.

A total of 1.1 million 3D TVs were also sold in the EMEA region in the last quarter, which Ms Sertler said was about 30 percent of world-wide 3D shipments.

She admitted that the total was “above” the company’s forecast, but pointed out there was a  “huge mount of 3D TV stock in sales channels.”

“3D sets were clearly pushed into the sales channels by TV set makers, with the hope of increasing sales revenue and finding a reason for consumers to pay more”, she added.

But it wasn’t all highs, with Meko claiming that a lack of content and weak demonstrations kept sales figures low. It said that around 1.8 percent of total Western European flat panel TV set shipments were S3D TV sets – while plasma accounted for 21 percent.

LED-backlit penetration went up to 30 percent of total LCD TV shipments in Western Europe, wit Germany shipping the highest number of LED-backlit LCDs.

Sertler added: “We will keep seeing more models with S3D, more connected TV sets and LED-backlit TVs.”

However, she said retailers need to set up better demonstrations for connected TV and S3D TVs to convince the consumer not to choose on price, but to look at value.