Confusion reigns over Motorola’s Xoom

Taiwanese wire Digitimes is claiming that Motorola will zoom its Xoom tablet into the shops as early as February, which according to our calendar starts tomorrow.

How, exactly? According to the wire a 10.1-inch Android tablet will beat competitors to the market by a clear month. If that’s true, Google’s other hardware partners are not going to be highly elated by the news.

The report claims that Motorola will be so far ahead of the competition by launching the Xoom tablet in February, using the Android 3.0 operating system, that it will leave them gasping for breath.

The report reckons that players including RIM, Samsung and HTC won’t get their offerings to market before March and traditional PC players including Asustek and Acer may not get their things to market until April or May.

Intel and others are expected to use the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to join the tablet rat race.  The Digitimes report is here. The Chinese New Year is the year of the rabbit (illustrated).